Gitless GitOps: Der Weg zu einer sicheren App-Umgebung mit Flux und OCI [DE]

A talk I gave at Mastering GitOps conference 2024. I gave an introduction into the Flux philosophy, dived a little into the OCI specs and explained how Flux and OCI are a perfect match for scalable and secure GitOps.

GitOps mit Flux: Vom Home-Cluster bis zum Enterprise-Deployment [DE]

A talk I gave at the Mastering GitOps conference. I demoed how to bootstrap a Kubernetes cluster with Flux and gradually grow the deployment with more complex requirements.

Flux increased security & scalability with OCI

Flux is trusted for its high levels of security, and new OCI support brings even greater GitOps security and scalability. In this webinar I covered Flux’s native support for producing and consuming OCI images containing Kustomization manifests and Helm charts.

Managing Thousands of Clusters and Their Workloads with Flux

At GitOpsCon EU 2022, I presented a templated GitOps approach towards multi-cluster management with Flux and demonstrated a prototypical implementation of it.

Managing Thousands of Clusters & Their Workloads with Flux

One of the main goals of DevOps is to automate operations as much as possible. By automating most operations, DevOps can provide business agility and allow Developers to focus more on business applications. This allows operations to be more efficient by being less error-prone and repeatable, improving the overall developer experience. D2iQ uses Flux to automatically enable this experience in its products. Join us for a hands-on session on multi-cluster management using GitOps.

GitOps Driven Multi-Cluster Workload Management via Flux

A talk I gave at All Day DevOps in 2021 about how to manage multiple clusters through Git with Flux.

Die beste User Experience trotz Microservices [DE]

This is my talk from code.talks 2018 in Hamburg.

User Weg in die OpenShift: Deployment-Strategien aus der Sicht von Hermes [DE]

I gave this talk together with a colleague at two events, an internal Otto Group developer conference and at Java Forum Nord.

From Monolith to Microservices

This is a talk I gave at my alma mater to a class of computer science students.

Towards a server-less Web - Interconnecting Web browsers using WebRTC

Talk from FrOSCon 2015