Here you’ll find a selection of the talks I’ve given in the last years:


(German) Die beste User Experience trotz Microservices: This is my talk from code.talks 2018 in Hamburg. (Slides, Video)

Microservices UX slides preview

(German) Unser Weg in die OpenShift: Deployment-Strategien aus der Sicht von Hermes: I gave this talk together with a colleague at two events, an internal Otto Group developer conference and at Java Forum Nord. (Slides)

OpenShift slides preview


(German) From Monolith to Microservices: This is a talk I gave at my alma mater to a class of computer science students. (Slides)

Microservices slide preview

FrOSCon: Towards a server-less Web – Interconnecting Web browsers using WebRTC (Video, Slides)

FrOSCon WebRTC slide preview


(German) FOSS - Eine Einführung: I provided this talk in the context of the lecture “Modelling of Information Systems” at my university.

FOSS slides preview

FrOSCon: Conquering the Mobile Web

FrOSCon 2012 slides preview

LinuxTag: Smartphones and the Open Web

LinuxTag 2012 slides preview


FrOSCon: Is Free Software here to stay?

(German) OpenRheinRuhr: Freie Software auf Smartphones