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The Story of a GitHub Actions Workflow

Discuss this post This is the story of a seemingly simple task of creating a GitHub Actions workflow that … escalated quickly. I hope you people can learn from my mistakes and do better (or quicker). You’ll find the tl;dr version here. Over at Weaveworks we try to automate as many engineering processes as possible. That’s especially true for the tedious work of releasing a new version of one of the components we build....

November 19, 2022
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Hosting Mastodon identities at your own domain

Discuss this post With Mastodon being all the rage right now and people massively moving over, new opportunities arise. One of these is that Mastodon allows you to take ownership of your identity using the WebFinger protocol. This way you can have an identitiy like without actually having to host your own Mastodon server (or instance in Mastodon lingo). Maarten Balliauw has already posted on how to achieve this but with a little caveat:...

November 16, 2022
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Taking it home — Kubernetes on bare-metal

To learn how Kubernetes works you should run your own Kubernetes cluster on bare-metal hardware. Discuss this post In the world that I live in Kubernetes is all the rage. This is the world of professional software development and deployment where medium- and large-sized companies are trying to reduce cost and complexity of their IT platforms while at the same time becoming faster at making changes to the software that they run as services to either their internal or external customers....

November 9, 2022

Running a Docker registry on Kubernetes (in kind)

In the last weeks I have been working a lot on supporting Kubernetes in air-gapped environments, i.e. environments that don’t have any access to the internet. Many companies prefer to run their IT infrastructure in such a way to minimize the attack vector against it and be able to tightly control what’s running on their clusters. Part of these setups naturally is a Docker registry that runs on that air-gapped infrastructure and in order to properly reproduce such a scenario, I had to run a Docker registry on my kind cluster as well and I thought sharing the manifests may help anyone out there get setup faster next time....

November 6, 2020

Ansible delegation madness: delegate_to and variable substitution

This is going to be a short piece but I really want to share this because 1) I have to talk! It cost me several hours today to get a grip on this and 2) I couldn’t find any explanation of this Ansible behaviour on Stack Overflow or anywhere else (I actually posted this on SO to make sure it’s now there). By the way, I was reminded today that it can save you several hours of bug tracking, experimenting and general hair-tearing if you just know to ask....

July 19, 2019